My Name is Anton M. Kopti and I am a
Full Stack Engineer

Who am I?

I was born and raised in Jerusalem, Palestine and I now reside in the United States.

I am a Computer Science and Math major at Bridgewater college, and my passion is to democratize technology and web development. I have worked with various clients and students to assist in developing a digital footprint and build a website. My goal is to establish myself as a Full stack engineer and grow my knowledge to become an expert in Full stack development.

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My skills

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My resume

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My resume

My Coding and leadership experiences

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Below are some of the following coding languages and skills that I have

My skills

Coding + Scripting Languages

JavaScript 85%
Java 80%
WordPress/CMS 90%
Python (Numpy, MatPlotlib, Pandas, Scipy, Astropy,TensorFlow) 100%

FrameWorks and Libraries

Node Js and Express Js75%

Development tools

Jupyter Notebook 75%
Eclipse 100%
IntelliJ IDE85%
CoCalc 80%
VSCode 100%

Languages spoken

Arabic 100%
English 100%
Hebrew 25%

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Anton Kopti

I am a Computer Science and Math student in Bridgewater College, Va. I am interested in Mathematical algorithim development, web development.

  • Ashburn, Va
  • akopti@eagles.bridgewater.edu


Bachelor of Science: Computer Science & Mathematics

May 2023

Bridgewater College, Bridgewater Va.

  • GPA: 3.9 ∙ Dean’s List ∙ Flory Honours Program
  • Margie A Conner Music Scholarship, McKinney Ace, Flory Honors Scholarship.

Professional Experience

Infinitive, INC

Tech Intern

June 2022 - Aug 2022

Ashburn, VA

  • Worked in an Agile environment to construct a data lakehouse architecture using DataBricks Delta Lake with PySaprk and AWS Glue, RDS (Aurora), and Athena to accelerate ETL workloads by a factor of 48.
  • Assisted in Data migration from legacy on-premise SQL Databases to AWS with a CDC data pipeline that reduced creation time by 70% using AWS Database Migration Service.
  • Fortified the cloud architecture with Network ACLs and Security Groups to restrict access and prevent data leaks which reduced hardware security costs by 68%.

Leidit, LLC

Intern Developer

May 2021 - Aug 2021

Mclean, VA

  • Developed robotic process automation using UIPath for repetitive business tasks such as web scraping and software testing which expedited development time by 17 hours.
  • Conducted Software testing while analyzing test results to fix UI design errors.

Bridgewater IT center

IT Guru

Aug 2021 - Present

Bridgewater, VA

  • Lead an Agile team of tech and design students to assist the Bridgewater College campus with media and technology problems.
  • Create and configure +2000 college websites’ frontend and backend using WordPress as a CMS.
  • Host information sessions on rudimentary web scripting, design, and digital best practices which accelerated campus engagement by 35%.

Using King Model Simulations To Refine Virial Cluster Mass Estimates

Main Researcher

June 2020 - Mar 2021

Bridgewater, VA

  • Published a cluster physics research paper for the Research Notes of the American Astronomical Society after receiving a grant from the Dr. Martin Summer Science Research Institute.
  • Calculated uncertainty results and confidence intervals for cluster mass estimations from a Probability distribution function derived out of Monte Carlo simulations.


Math Club

Club President

Dec 2020- present

Bridgewater College, Bridgewater Va.

  • Arranged weekly meetings to promote Mathematical knowledge for novice and advanced Mathematicians.
  • Presented lectures on little-known Math sub-fields, history of math, and interesting applied usages in daily life.

Model United Nations


Jun 2017- present


  • Represented countries like the United States and Russia by delivering formal and impromptu speeches to a large group of people which I won best delegate, outstanding delegate, and honourable mentions for.
  • Debated policy issues ranging from climate change to cyber terrorism whilst leading a group of 28 people to create resolutions for these topics.

CERN's S'cool Lab Summer Camp


Jun 2018- Jul 2018

Geneva, Switzerland

  • Conducted research by comparing properties of the commonly used LYSO and GAGG crystals in PET such as Light Yield and Energy resolution which we then presented our findings to top researchers in the field.
  • Participated in a multicultural experience with students from thirty countries to expand the mind with hands-on experiments and learning experiences to engage and explore particle physics with a new perspective.

Yale Young Global Scholars


Jul 2018-Aug 2018

New Haven, Connecticut

  • Presented a capstone project on quantum computing efficiency with a team of students from all around the world.
  • Participated in seminars ranging from theology and philosophy to quantum mechanics and marine biology.

Here are some of my coding experiences

Coding Experiences

The Valley Votes Project

I worked with the Valley Votes project to build a website and coordinate social media for the organization. Visit the website at The Website

CDC Data Pipeline building a Data Lakehouse

I built this project as part of my internship at Infinitive where I constructed a data lake house and a cdc pipeline to illustrate real time data to a dashboard the App

NASA's picture on your birthday

Using the Nasa APOD API I ocnstructed this Node application that retrivies the photo submitted by Nasa on a specific date inputted by the user the App

Calculus Automated

I coded some of my Calculus Mathematics concepts GitHub

Data Structures code

Check out the algorithims we coded in my Data Structure class GitHub

Numeric Analysis

Here are some of the Mathematical models we created in my Numerical Analysis Class GitHub

Full Stack Development Udemmy

Check out some of the projects I developed in my Full Stack Devlopment Project GitHub

This Website!

I built this portfolio website using NodeJS, and express.

Here are some leadership and collaborative experiences I have

Leadership Experiencess

COIL- Research: effects of covid on mental health in Pakistan and India.

I conducted online Research with students from the International Islamic University of Malaysia. Our group interpreted data pertaining to the mental health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our focus was on both India and Pakistan. Our group used complex data analytical techniques to visualize the data. My role was to conduct cross cultural research with the outputted data and put in context.

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I lead and constructed a team to accomplish a project titled 'Solo-Scholars' Our mission is to create a cumulative website with information on current issues for students to self-educate. We hope to make our content as non-biased as possible in order for you to develop an understanding of these issues, without influence of author. We want YOU to be Solo Scholars.

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Adamat Ahava

Participated on interdisciplinary team to develop leadership through tackling a real-world problem and developing a solution-based project. Called Adamat Ahavat (Love of Earth), developed tangible plan to help everyday people be more environmentally conscious through encouraging small changes. Centered project on psychological effects that environmental Dooms Day speeches create by environmental activism distancing. Won first place and received monetary award of $5,000.


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